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1. A PREGNANT WOMAN’S DIRE NEED: Asif is a young scout in Bengaluru. He brought to our notice the needs of a Muslim family where the husband is without a job, and the mother is pregrant. We decided to give her some rations for herself and her family- this included Horlicks and other nutrient suppliments essential at this gestation period.This was handed over on June 22nd.

2. NEEDS FROM THE NORTHEAST OF INDIA: In early June, Rev. Edwin Kharkongar, from Martin Luther University in Shillong, Meghalaya, sent us this:

Dear Sir, I got this below note just now from the person who sent me the request. I have no comment. He is a member of the Friends Group. I am making a collection, can you support it?
“May I request a small help from you please. I am in a Red zone. May I get a very small amount of money for my medicines and other things, please. No salary for 3 months. If any possibility…let me know please”.

It seems he was a teacher for 20+ years in the Northeast when schools were scarce and no one was willing to go and teach in inhospitable terrain- he is now retired in Andhra Pradesh. The Untouchables transferred Rs 6000/- on June 21st . Edwin has added another Rs 6000/- and sent him Rs 12,000/- .

3. MIGRANTS IN NEED: On June 7th, a Hyderabad youth group under the MGOCSM & OCYM banner went looking for migrants who were walking on the highway. TU offered to reimburse any money they gave away to those in dire need. This group offered food,water, slippers and paid Rs 3000/- to the leader of a group who were walking because they did not have enough to pay a passing lorry to give them a ride back to UP. One of the women is in tears. TU will be reimbursing this amount.

4. TRANSGENDER NEEDS: Dr. L. Ramakrishnan – better known as ‘Ramki’ - is a public health professional and Vice President of SAATHII, based in Chennai. He earned his doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin, USA, and has worked in health and human rights non-profit settings in USA and India. He is one of our windows to the LGBTQ community in India. He has recommended Mr. X for some urgent financial support. Mr. X is a photographer based in Kolkata. He is a trans-man [person who changed her biological sex at birth as a woman, to match her gender identity as a man] who in these COVID times is finding it hard to support his family with his profession. On June 20th we sent him Rs 5,000/- to tide over the crisis.


Our Work With Migrants And Slum Dwellers Hit By Covid

"No Place Like Home"


The Untouchables have helped several individuals, groups and families during the last few COVID months, partnering with Northeast Solidarity [Bengaluru], MGOCSM & OCYM [Hyderabad] and Stranded Workers Action Network [SWAN], Delhi.

When we asked you earlier for support through our website, we had mentioned that there were 3 types of migrants we wished to help, and each of these needed support of a different kind.

Type A: Those from other districts of Karnataka who are residents of Bengaluru, and those from Bengal/Bihar/ Odisha/Jharkand etc., who wish to stay and work once things open up

Type B: Residents from the 7 states of the North East of India who have lost their jobs: some wish to return to the comfort of their own homes, and need support till they get their transport organised, some wished to stay on and wait for work opportunities.

Type C: Those who are on the highways trekking or in buses or trains heading for their homes. Others who wish to go home but are stranded in the cities of their work. Most State Governments nor the Centre is able to coordinate their needs successfully.

Here are their details of what we could do for each of these groups. However our work is not over and we continue to ask for funds to help them more.


Type A: Those from other districts of Karnataka who are residents of Bengaluru, and those from Bengal/Bihar/ Odisha/Jharkand etc., who wish to stay and work once things open up





Type B: Residents from the 7 states of the North East of India who have lost their jobs due to COVID: some wish to return to the comfort of their own native homes, and need support till they get their transport organised, some others wished to stay on and wait for work opportunities. We supported both groups.

a. Partnership with Northeast Solidarity, Bengaluru, an NGO that represents the people of the 7 sisters of India’s beautiful north east. We were able to reach out to them through Northeast Solidarity an organisation that represents them in Bengaluru. The message from Dr Rini Ralte, President of Northeast Solidarity, given below, is self-explanatory:

"Dear Sir,

We hereby confirm that we have received Rs 10,000/- from The Untouchables by Bank transfer and have used it for the purpose of distribution of food. With your help, we were able to deliver rice, dal and oil to 20 families and individuals who are stranded because of lockdown. They are from Tripura state, Mizoram, Assam and Manipur.

Yes, many left for home and many remain. Some are Bru from Tripura, Mizoram and Assam. Others are Chakma from those states also. They are in Belandur area, others are whitefield and K.R puram areas and many more. Most of them are working in restaurant, Beauty Parlour and hospitality. Thanks so much for your timely help in dire need and their hunger is so real."

b. We also were able to help a group of 6 Tripura migrants who were stuck in Thallassery, Kerala, with no support. Although the Govt of Kerala had laid plans for such migrants -this group somehow missed getting support. NE Solidarity asked us to intervene. We contacted Mr Sachin Skaria, a local resident who got them registered and also arranged for them to get rations etc from philanthropic institutions.

c. In Bengaluru we made direct contact with some of them and arranged dry rations [see our report on work done in Bangalore]

FUTURE: Northeast Solidarity is connecting us to Bru and Chakma people who are stranded in Bengaluru and we are working on helping them. Watch this space!

TYPE C: Those who are on the highways trekking or in buses or trains heading for their homes. Others who wish to go home but are stranded in the cities of their work. Most State Governments nor the Centre is able to coordinate their needs successfully.


We received a fantastic idea from our scout, Meena. Can we arrange footwear for those walking long distances to their homes? Paragon – the footwear giants – readily agreed to supply chappals for men and women at a greatly subsidised rate from their various warehouses all over the country. We worked in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

A] HYDERABAD: We teamed up with MGOCSM & OCYM, a Youth Group in Hyderabad who sponsored Rs. 7,925/- worth of footwear. They managed to reach out to some walkers with food, water and our footwear. They also handed Rs 3000/- in cash to one group of trekking migrants for their subsistence which was paid by The Untouchables. Here are some pictures and a news Item from The New Indian Express of 18th June, 2020.

B] FOOTWEAR TO THE MIGRANTS DEPARTING FROM BENGALURU : Meanwhile in Bengaluru we distributed Rs 35,000/- worth of men’s and women’s footwear. The Distribution took place over 7 days in the spaces where they were gathered in thousands by the Government and authorities - Palace Grounds, Manpho Centre near Manyata Tech Park and even the KSR Railway Station. We gave small red tokens to those whose footwear we saw needed to be changed- or those who had no footwear at all. When we started distributing, many people came on their own. It was a great experience for all the volunteers.

Here are some photographs of distribution in the Migrant Departure Camps:


Palace Grounds:


Account of Stranded Workers Action Network [SWAN]

Nazir Khalid of SWAN and The Untouchables worked together to send money to stranded workers. However, though TU pledged Rs 10,000/-, due to incorrect bank information we were unable to transfer all of it. We sent a total of Rs. 4,400/-to 2 people only:

1. Beneficiary Details: Name: Shrmad Haki Kullah Khan. Code: r4081

A/c no: xxxx0310000xxxx // IFSC code: xxxx0000xx2


2. Beneficiary Details : Name: Krishna Yadav. Code: r2083

A/c no: xxxx536xxxx // IFSC code: xxxx000xxx3


The other 3 people recommended by SWAN could not be given since their bank details were incorrect. We may still transfer if are given correct details by SWAN.


1. 'Angels on Earth'

Our Hyderabad scout is a nun who works among the downtrodden.

Update : Project is funded and closed.

The Untouchables in collaboration with Divine Word Social Service Society of Hyderabad provided provision for 50+ Migrant workers on June 4th 2020 in SVD Compound. Here is an excerpt from Sister Jenasus email: As we had planned to give 45 families- but when we did the house visit and took survey we found 50 families. 15 families from HPS and others from the Ramanthapur area. They would like to express their genuine gratitude from the bottom of our hearts for extending your generosity towards them, for assisting us financially towards the grocery items. With your ( The Untouchables) financial assistance of Rs.28,125/-and Rs. 34,375/- from Divine Word Social Service Society, total Rs. 62,500/- we were able to reach out Migrant Workers of Bihar, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. We are greatly in debt to you for responding us very promptly and financially supporting us in our dire and crucial situation of Covid19. Thank you for your help and your kindness will forever be remembered and treasured in our hearts.


Sr Jenastus, NJV, is a nun who scouts for us, and who is connected to both the Institutions - Montfort and SVD Fathers. She is the State Coordinator for Domestic Workers Society and has asked if we can join with SVD [Divine Word Social Service Society] of Hyderabad to help some 45 migrant families living in the Ramananthpur area who are without work and money.

Needs: 7-14 days budget for each family is Rs 1250/- per person. TU can pay 50% which is Rs 625/-, and the SVD can pay the balance. Total to be paid: Rs 28,125/-

There's good news – TU’s work among migrants has found many soft hearts from all over India willing to help- we found donors for the Nagpur migrant group and our partner organisation, Stepping Stone Foundation have completed their distribution.Sr Jenastus, NJV, is a nun who scouts for us, and who is connected to both the Institutions- Montfort and SVD. She has asked if we can join with SVD to help some 45 migrant families in Hyderabad in the Ramananthpur area.

“The Government of India has announced the lockdown which paralyzed the normal work and many poor people have been greatly affected by this Corona Virus, including the 45 families of labourers. We have given them awareness on Corona Virus and the necessary precaution they have to take in order to take care of themselves. On April 10th the School authorities distributed 50kg Rava and 50kg Atta overall, and later the MLA distributed 5kg rice and 500gm dal to each family in April -that’s all.”

Partner Organisation: Divine Word Social Service Society [DWSSS] of Hyderabad.

2. When I needed a neighbour were you there?

Working interfaith with the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Update : This particular project is over : Funding Received

We were proud to join hands with Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu to serve the migrants in their region by a donation of Rs 7500/-. They have been working among the departing migrants by offering food, water and other essentials for their journey. We intend to do more collaborative social work with them in the future.

Original Post

Need: 10 COVID kits costing Rs 750/- each: Total Rs. 7500/-.

[This kit includes foodgrains, cooked food, medicine and according to need,even cash].

The Secretary of The Untouchables says: ‘A person I've known for over a decade is Abdul Hakim, from Coimbatore's branch of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. We have worked together on several social projects, and I know how secular he personally is. Now his organisation is working among the less fortunate OF ALL RELIGIONS to help them through this crisis period. This holy period of fasting [Ramazan] is a sacred time and goes hand in hand with the 'zakkat' or almsgiving which is expected of all the faithful.

It has been more than 10 weeks since the lockdown in the country and many are suffering, caught unawares. Realizing their difficulties, the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind all over India have mobilised its members and workers to serve them. Despite the scarcity of resources, the members of the organisation have distributed aid – which includes foodgrains, cooked food, medicine and cash. The organisation has vowed to continue the relief work until the lockdown is over. The COVID kits they are giving out come in various sizes and shapes, depending on what they contain. If one plans at an average of Rs 750/- per kit, perhaps one can donate at least 2-5 or 10 kits through this organisation. It will also help us to prove that The Untouchables works with any faith group and institution to touch the most needy.

Partner Organisation: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

3. Are they Children of a lesser God?

Houses still damaged in Kerala’s flood question the ‘God’s own country” concept

Update : Project is funded and closed.

Upon hearing of the need for house repairs after flood damage by 3 ladies from Kerala, Neel Mathews, a scout of THE UNTOUCHABLES in Bengaluru, took the proposal to his parish church, St Mary’s Orthodox Church in Begur, Bengaluru.On 29th May, 2020, they issued a cheque for Rs 81,000/-, with a request that it was to be divided equally between the 3 donees. The Untouchables transferred the money immediately- since the monsoon was expected in Kerala shortly. All the 3 ladies wrote separate letters of thanks to the Untouchables and to the Church, since each family received Rs. 27,000/-.

Below is a photograph of Girija, Latha and Kamalabhai’s son, Sunil.

Original Post

Commander E.J. Chacko, one of our scouts in Kerala, has forwarded the needs of 3 families who were affected by the floods that ravaged the state of Kerala in 2018. These houses are in Mankotta Chira, in Haripad District. These people received some subsistence from the Government, but thereafter have had to fend for themselves. With the onset of the monsoon expected on June 1st, 2020, they are in dire need.

1. Kamala Bai is a widow and has had the roof blown off her house. The roof needs to be completely rebuilt.

2. Latha Ramanan is also a widow. Her house walls are cracked and her roof is damaged

3. S.Girija is married to Shivan who is a casual labourer. Her roof and walls require repair.

NEED: 3 families need repairs. The total requirement for each house is about Rs 25,000/-. Knowing that this amount would be exorbitant for most donors, they ask for any amount which they can use accordingly. TU has decided to divide whatever money we receive between these three equally.

4. “WE CARE”: Nutrition After-Care Program for young men and women who were born with HIV/AIDS: GOA

Update : Project is funded and closed.

There were several discussions about this project with the Director, Mr Peter Borges. He mentioned that he was having difficulty with some of the problems that arose from young people growing up and facing issues of life and love, and not wanting care and guidance, some even preferring to leave the After Care Program- hence it is not going smoothly, in spite of his team’s best attempts. And for precisely these reasons no Government or NGO is willing to take up the challenge of giving AFTERCARE , hence he continues to try. We agreed that we would fund nutrition for his boarders for 2 months [Rs 5,000/-] and then step back and give Human Touch Foundation a chance to work their way out and join up with them at a later date. Meanwhile the COVID 19 response of Human Touch Foundation is presently featured through a web story as an example of community response by UNAIDS Asia Pacific Office, Bangkok, Thailand.

[Below : After Care Beneficiaries at a farm program in Goa]

Original Post

These are children of HIV + parents, and some are orphans. Imagine being born with an incurable disease for which you were in no way responsible? A disease which brings people to judge you negatively - and stigmatises you throughout your days. Human Touch is looking after 6 adolescents, all HIV Positive, aged between 18-24 : there are at present 4 boys and 2 girls. They are on the threshold of life and they are wondering why the world discriminates against them. Few have contemplated suicide to escape the situation where they believe nobody cares. Could you show them you care? They need to have some nutritious food to supplement the present Food Program.

Need: Rs. 2500/- per month

Partner Organisation: Human Touch, Goa: Human Touch is a youth led organization in Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council of United Nations


Two of our programs have had to be shelved because of COVID, One taken down because they do not need our help at this moment

1. ‘Taare Zameen Par’ [Like stars upon earth]

For nutrition to children in Lower Primary and Anganwadi [child care program] in 2 Government Schools, in Amruthanagari, Bengaluru.

Update : Project is being shelved till schools reopen.

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2. Women’s Self Development : Damini Project, Mumbai

Requirement for Honorarium/Salary to Sewing Teacher in Slum.

Update : Project is being shelved till things become normal again.

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The dread of Cancer goes beyond the fear of one’s own death.

Update : Project is concluded as funding is not required at present

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1. ‘A Tale of Two Cities'

Assisting the migrants, daily wage earners and the domestic workers to live under COVID

Update : Project is funded and closed.

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2. ‘No Place Like Home'

Dry Rations For Migrant Labour, Domestic Workers And Daily Wage Earners in Different Parts of India. Update : Project is funded and closed.

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3. Women Development Project Center: Ramgari Slum, Civil Lines, Nagpur'

Update : Project is funded and closed.

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4. ‘HELPING WIDOWS: Single Women’s Empowerment, Hyderabad, Telengana'

Update : Project is funded and closed.

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Update : Project is funded and closed.

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