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Riyaz’s immediate need was to pay his rent, and the fees for his children’s education. Some well wishers have come forward to donate a reasonable amount specifically for him to TU - and his rental needs have been fulfilled, for the moment. Some of his hospital bills have also been paid, and negotiations are on to ask the children’s school to suppress his bills, when they reopen after COVID. He has some left over to pay his rent for the next few months. We are glad we are able to help him to turn the tide of misfortune.


You thought your family had problems? Take the case of Mr Riyaz of Begur, Bengaluru. He had his own puncture repair shop and you can see a picture of him with his son in happier days. Today alas, the shop is closed and he is battling with keeping his family alive.

To start off Riyaz’s son, Mohammed Rehan (6), suffers from kidney related issues due to a thickened bladder and dilated bilateral kidneys. This was diagnosed soon after his birth (in 2013), treatment was done for 1year after which no follow ups were done until 2016 when the boy was brought to the hospital due to an anaemic condition. Further treatment was done, and he has a tube attached to his body to get the urine waste out. This has to be done several times a day and even at night.

The mother of the two children and wife of Riyaz, Shataj, suffers from a infected endocarditis along with Rhuematic heart disorder and regurgitations of vessels and valves. She has speech impediment and feels some paralysis in the right side of the body. (This is summarised from her hospital reports of 2014) .

Riyaz was recently diagnosed with mouth cancer (carcinoma of right buccal mucosa). He underwent surgery [see other photo] to remove the tumor and has to currently take up radio therapy for the same. His puncture shop remains closed.

Please see the letter from Sabeera. She is Riyaz's and Shetaj's daughter, she tries to balance her studies and her family, inspite of all the disturbances at home.

NEED: Riyaz’s rent is INR 7,000/- per month, and he is being threatened by evacuation by his landlord

His hospital bills are being met by well-wishers. However, any amount given for his treatment , or that of his son, will be gratefully appreciated.


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