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Our Core Values

1. Responsibility

Responsible decisions and actions in private, public and professional  life.

4. Trust

Trust is the basis for cooperation with our partners and those we serve.

2. Quality

Our priority is to serve our focus groups with excellence in all of our activities.

5. Contextualization

As we intend to cover all of India, we intend to translate vision, mission and values into the cultural context of the geographical area where we choose to work

3. Teamwork

We combine our  talents and limited resources for best solutions and operational excellency.

6. Respect

We respect the dignity of every human being - man, woman, trans-person or child

7. Inclusion / Fairness

We work to overcome exclusion and to recognize equality, justice and fairness for all

10. Commitment

We stand committed - to our donors, to our focus group, to our ideals and values

8. Non-discrimination

We will not discriminate while serving  individuals or communities at large, irrespective of  caste, colour, creed, religion,language or sexual preference.

9. Secular

Acceptance of all religions and faiths: We affirm the uniqueness of all faiths, ideologies, traditions  and beliefs that respect all human beings

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