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Dry Rations For Migrant Labour, Domestic Workers And Daily Wage Earners in Different Parts of India.


These particular projects are over : Funding Received.

There would be many stories every day from each of those hutments we visited, if we had the time and ability to tell them. Heart rending stories. Not only those stories told in words by the occupants, but also those that came from the sights we saw upon entering their homes, their lack of furniture, their innocent children, their squalid surroundings. But that day, both the volunteers who delivered and the recipients in their huts were infused with faith in their god/s and in humanity. On that day, hope once more pounded in their hearts. Hope, not just about the food that the package promised, though that was definitely a plus point, but more from the idea that humanity still prevails, that humans can and do come together in the face of difficulties and hardships; that the stronger do step down to help the weaker-it is not a jungle. Genuine smiles replaced the fear. The world may end, but not before humanity had a say, the wolf was kept at bay, and the recipients found strength to face another day. For a short time, the sun shone through the despair.

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  1. Kushi Nagar, Nagpur: 40 families

  2. Slums near the Amruthanagar bridge, Bengaluru : 20 + families

It is common knowledge that the Migrant Labour is getting the worst end of the COVID lockdown- whether they are blue collar workers in Singapore, or the young men from UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkand, Odisha, Assam-those who have made the cities their home but have not found suitable response from their respective host governments. Though some left early for their homes, and others were lucky to catch buses and trains organized specifically to take them home, many unlucky ones have been forced to remain in their hutments, with no salary, no future. Their day to day existence is a problem. All over India ordinary men, women and organisations are coming forward to help such people- whether with cooked food or dry rations.

1. Kushi Nagar Slum, Nagpur

We have been requested by SSF- Stepping Stone Foundation - to partner with them in Nagpur. Kushinagar comes under North Nagpur. All the people here are come from daily-labour background. Many women are working as a housemaids, cooks, and assist to cooking work in marriage programs. The men are mostly working as Painters, Plumbersu Constriction workers, auto drivers, [even one babysitter] etc. SSF has given us a quotation .

NEED: 40 families need dry rations. The budget sent to us shows each house will get Rs 727/- worth of goods. Including packing and transport, the total requirement is for Rs 30,030/- .

Stepping Stone Foundation - The Gour Family Of Nagpur

2. Slums near the Amruthanagar bridge, Sector A, Bengaluru: 20 + families

The Untouchables has been giving out rations to local families who have come for help. The donation [Rs 70,000/-] from Nobel Systems has galvanized us enough to get volunteers and work more with these disadvantaged groups who are our neighbours, here in Bengaluru and elsewhere. Most need some help till their work restarts and they start getting paid.

NEED: 20+ families need dry rations. Already we have quotations from NICE Mart. We intend to have a budget of approximately Rs 668/- worth of goods for each family. Total Rs 6680/-.


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