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Women’s Self Development : Damini Project, Mumbai


People showed interest in the Damini Project because it involved women who were slum dwellers. Unfortunately COVID has stopped all activities in Mumbai- including the classes in the slum for the time being in order to maintain safety. Hence this particular project is being shelved till things become normal again.


Requirement for Honorarium/Salary to Teacher

Lata is a teacher in a slum in Mumbai. She herself is a product of this Damini project which is working in several city slums. . She teaches other slum women tailoring, so they can earn some income of her own and augment the meager income her husband brings home. Like many of us, she has hopes and dreams for her family and for her children. Ojus is currently paying her but is not getting enough financial support, and hence this project may have to close because of insufficient funds to pay the staff like Lata. That means many could lose an opportunity to break free of the life they are forced to lead. Could you help to pay her salary?

The Damini Project of Ojus Medical has been temporarily suspended due to the lockdown in the 2 slums where Lata teaches. We are expecting them to reopen by June or July. For those keen on supporting the honorarium/salary of the teacher Lata, please do send us your donation.

NEED: Total required: Rs. 3500/- per group session x 2 group sessions per day = Rs 7000/- per month.

Organisors: Ojus Medical Institute: Charitable Trust: Mumbai

For more details on this project write to us at :

Money Transfer/ Cheques can be made to:

Name of the Account: The Untouchables

Bank Name : Axis Bank

Branch: Kempapura, Bengaluru,Karnataka

Current Account No : 919020076292263

IFS Code : UTIB0003310


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