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“WE CARE”: Nutrition After-Care Program for Adolescents who were born with HIV/AIDS: GOA


This particular project is over : Funding Received.

There were several discussions about this project with the Director, Mr Peter Borges. He mentioned that he was having difficulty with some of theproblems that arose from young people growing up and facing issues of life and love, and not wanting care and guidance, some even preferring to leave the After Care Program- hence it is not going smoothly, in spite of his team’s best attempts. Andfor precisely these reasons no Government or NGO is willing to take up the challenge of giving AFTERCARE , hence he continues to try. We agreed that we would fund nutrition for his boarders for 2 months [Rs 5,000/-] and then step back and give Human Touch Foundation a chance to work their way out and join up with them at a later date. Meanwhile the COVID19 response of Human Touch Foundation is presently featured through a web story as an example of community response by UNAIDS Asia Pacific Office, Bangkok, Thailand.

[Below : After Care Beneficiaries at a farm program in Goa]


These are children of HIV + parents, and some are orphans. Imagine being born with an incurable disease for which you were in no way responsible? A disease which brings people to judge you negatively - and stigmatises you throughout your days. Human Touch is looking after 6 adolescents, all HIV Positive, aged between 18-24 : there are at present 4 boys and 2 girls. They are on the threshold of life and they are wondering why the world discriminates against them. Few have contemplated suicide to escape the situation where they believe nobody cares. Could you show them you care? They need to have some nutritious food to supplement the present Food Program.

Need: Rs. 2500/- per month

Organisors: Human Touch, Goa: Human Touch is a youth led organization in Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council of United Nations

For more details on this project write to us at :

Money Transfer/ Cheques can be made to:

Name of the Account: The Untouchables

Bank Name : Axis Bank

Branch: Kempapura, Bengaluru,Karnataka

Account No : 919020076292263

IFS Code : UTIB0003310


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