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Update: Sr Kumari from Gunadala, AP, and her team visited the Autonagar slum and distributed essential food and cloth blankets for the dwellers there - about 40 families. The Convent has found donors for the remaining 200 families The St Aloysious Convent will continue to find donors for future work through “Thampy’s Organisation for Upliftment and Charity to the Homeless” [TOUCH] a registered organisation in Vijaywada. If necessary we may supply them again- depending on the COVID situation.

This particular project is over in February, 2021 : Funding Paid Out: Rs. 20,000/-


[This project has been brought to our notice by our scout Sr. Jenastus of Hyderabad.]

Sr Kumari from Gunadala, AP, tells us about one place that needs help. Auto Nagar is one of the largest slum areas in Vijayawada city, Andhra Pradesh, which is situated in the industrial area. People from different places in India - migrants - are residing in the huts on the road side. Over 250 families are residing in that area, their main occupation is rag picking, repairing old items, selling spades and ‘gamelas’, and doing daily coolly workers [labourers] jobs. They will do any kind of work in order to survive. Now people are struggling to have daily bread because of this Covid 19 pandemic is affecting the people very drastically, every day the number of infected people is increasing. The Lockdown has only been partially lifted and there is no work for them, they are suffering from hunger and requiring basic needs in the form of dry ration packets.

We intend to support the St Aloysious Convent Sisters in their attempt to mitigate the suffering of this group. We would like to donate 40 families with dry rations [@Rs 500/- each]. The St Aloysious Convent will continue to find donors for the rest.

[Above: Photos of Auto Nagar roadside slum in Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh]

Donation Required: Rs 20,000/- [minimum] for 40 families - or more if possible


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