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Name: Sudha [69]

Need: Rs 15,000/-

Scout: Priscilla

Location: Mumbai

This lady is a 69 year old spinster who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. The cancer originated in her uterus and metastasized to the pelvis and abdomen, including the liver. The doctors have given her a life expectancy of 6 to 24 months at the outermost. She also suffers from sleep apnea and sodium deficiency.

Due to her academic limitations, she could only study up to the 11th Standard. This along with her health issues greatly limited her income generating capacity.

Her  younger brother is mentally challenged and has an IQ of 65. Her other brother has retired.  Her late mother was a voluntary social worker for many years.

Since December 2023 she has incurred medical expenses of Rs. 4.80 lakhs for her  treatment. She is in need of assistance to cover these expenses and those to be incurred in the days ahead.

The Untouchables can help her with Rs 15,000/- this month. Can The Untouchables help her friends to sustain her ?


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