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Update :

This also was a CCC [COLT COVID CHALLENGE] find and the family were immensely grateful for getting timely help.They are hopeful that both their son and daughter will get some work soon.

This particular project is over : Funding: Rs 5000/-

Original Post :

[COLT COVID CHALLENGE Concern brought by our roving scout Maria Kuruvilla]

Recently bereaved, the widow Thankamma lives in Kalamassery, Kerala. Kamalu stood beside her husband Thevan through good and bad times. He was a labourer cum carpenter. For the last 3 years of his life he suffered with pancreatic cancer and finally died in 2019. Any savings they had were spent in his treatment. She has no other source of income and the family is in dire straits. Her son Babu is a daily headload worker who has had no work for the last 3 months. Babu has 2 high-school going daughters, and his wife occasionally used to go to help in the farms nearby, but that work too has dried up due to COVID. Thankamma also has a 45 year old daughter Kamalu whose husband has deserted her. She used to go to work in a nearby oil factory- a job which does not exist now. She also stays in the same house with her mother and brother. Thankamma is showing indominatable courage in keeping her family together and hoping things will improve.

They ask if you could help them live till the daily work starts again and they can sustain themselves.

Donation Requirement: Rs 5000/-

Below is an old photograph of Thankamma and her late husband Thevan before he passed away.


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