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On October 3rd we transferred Rs 5000/- to Himanshu’s school -Dashmesh Public School- in Delhi, and together with support from some other donors, he has managed to cover the costs for this academic year, and joined his classes.

This particular project is over : Rs. 5,000/-

Original Post :

[The tale of a Taxi Driver who cannot send his son to school: Himanshu’s story is brought to us by our scout Rachel V from Bhopal, a journalist now working on a social work project in MP]

A Class 10 student in Delhi needs helping financial support of about Rs.20,000 to pay his annual school fees. These include a backlog of Class 9 fees and also books for the present academic year. He has two younger siblings. His father is a cab driver, and has been struggling since the lockdown began. I was wondering if it would be possible for The Untouchables to help this boy? Since this boy already has pending dues from Class 9, his school refuses to let him attend the online lessons till the fees are paid. So the need is urgent, and need to be paid asap, because only then can he start his class 10 academic year.

I am trying to raise funds through others also, as it is difficult to raise the whole amount from one person alone. Rs.5000 would also be a substantial help. I am sending a photo of his family taken few years ago.

DONATION REQUIRED: Rs 5,000/- to support Himanshu’s education


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