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Support for Cancer Patient - Trivandrum, Kerala

Date : 10/05/2021

Place : Trivandum

Focus Group : Individual : Cancer patient : Regimol

No. of beneficaries : 1

Amount Dispensed: Rs. 5,000/-

Co-ordinator / Scout : Mohan and Usha Mohan and Usha informed that Regimol, aged 55, mother of 2 married girls, was under treatment in Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum, with seizures leading to stroke and hemiplegia. Her condition was deteriorating steadily, and an operation was not viable- the idea was to treat her with medication during the time gap where another NGO would support her expenses, they asked for an emergency amount of Rs 5,000/- which was transferred to them.

Update: Unfortunately she passed away within a few weeks.


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