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Report from the MGOCSM Unit, Nagpur, which took up the COLTS COVID CHALLENGE: Mr. Tande was grateful enough to inform us how the financial help from TU gave them a chance to fulfill some, if not all, of the current financial requirements with respect to his eldest daughter's educational expenses and also pay his house rent for a month or two. His daughter is studying in 12th std and is, therefore, at a crucial juncture in her academic life. Even when things are not good for the family, Mr. Tande's focus on getting his children educated shows his commitment to improving his current condition and therefore, emphasizes their education greatly.

May they be helped further with some useful donations from TU.  

This particular project is over : Rs.5,000/-


[Tande’s Story is brought to us by the MGOCSM and Youth of St George Orthodox Cathedral, Nagpur, as part of COLT’S COVID CHALLENGE in the Diocese of Kolkata]

Mr. Sunnydas Sohandas Tande has a family consisting of 6 members including himself, his wife, Lata, 3 daughters- Anjali, Priya, and Ahilya- and their son, Rajkumar. The eldest child, Anjali, studies in 12th class along with her siblings at Tidke School, Katol Road, Nagpur. 

Mr. Sunnydas primarily works as a daily wage labour in construction sites & at times, his son also accompanies him for the same. His wife works as a household help.The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has badly affected the family as Mr. Sunnydas has lost his work. Since, the past 5 months, he hasn’t been able to go to work. 

His wife, as of today, works at just one house as all others have stopped her services as a precautionary measure to COVID.  The monthly earnings of the family is down to bare minimum, so much that they avoid having breakfast nowadays and only have their lunch and dinner, that too, in minimal quantities.

With almost 3 quarters of their current monthly income getting used up for the rent of their single room 6ft x 10ft rented room in which all of them stay, it can be said that any help - financial or otherwise- today, will give the family a small respite and the hope to get through these trying times.

DONATION REQUIRED: Rs 5000/- would help him to keep his dignity.

Above : a birdseye view of his neighbourhood.

Above : Tande and his family outside their residence.


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