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[Sathya is a Tamil-origin lady who’s husband has a night shift job which earns them enough for their living. Yet she is concerned about her neighbours, many of whom are living well below poverty line. Living in a low lying area, when it rains their houses are inundated with water. Sathya is now our scout in the poorer areas of Banshankari in Bengaluru ]

We found Sathya’s house with difficulty, walking by the side of a stinking nallah blocked with filth and debris, in Kakathi Nagar in Bengaluru. Sathya immediately made it clear she did not want any help - she was the focal point for many of the women in their area, most of whom were housemaids who had lost their incomes after COVID. She showed us list of 25 families who she had helped in the past with dry rations, supported by other NGO’s. She took us on a tour of some of the houses - and we met some of the women as well. Their husbands unable to earn regularly, these ladies are desperate to bring home some food. TU would like to issue dry rations to 25 families, worth about Rs 500/- each.

[Above: Photo of some of the homes near Sathya’s house]

[Required: Dry Rations for 25 families @Rs 500/- per packet each]

Donation Required: Rs 12,500/-

What was done over the last 8 weeks



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