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SCOUT:M. Amarjyothy: ORGANISATION: Mithrathva Trust PLACE: Mysore

On 24th of November we got a call from the bystander to rescue a senior citizen who is abandoned by the family members She has been taken to Anaganawadi in Kaverinagar,Mysore.

Name : Lakshmamma-70

Health Condition : Dependent (some assistant is needed ) / Partially blind

Report: Our Field Officer has taken her from roadside to hospital twice. No organization is ready to take her in since she is dependent. We tried to take the help of the DDWO and DHO of Mysore, but they are also helpless.Now we need your support to shift her from Mysore to Bengaluru in an ambulance. Here we know places that will take her in.

Donation required: Rs 6,000/-.


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