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Our local scout who took up this COLTS COVID CHALLENGE went to meet Manisha after we informed that money has been transferred. She is immensely happy when she received the funds and will use it for medicine and food.

This particular project is over : Funding Received. Rs. 5,000/-


[Manisha’s Story is brought to us by Ms Vini Joy from St George Orthodox Church, Borivali, as part of COLT’S COVID CHALLENGE in the Diocese of Mumbai]

Manisha Ganekar, residing in the slum area near Mahim East, lost her husband recently due to cancer partly because they could not cope with the medical expenses involved. She is now staying with her 2 children. A week back accidentally, boiling water fell on her daughter and she suffered from high degree burns in her body from chest to thighs. The injuries are very severe, that the pain and burning sensation that she is enduring is really apprehensive

Manisha was working as a housemaid in Mahim for Rs. 4000/- salary but due to lockdown, there is absolutely zero income in the family. This poor family is dependent on others for food and rations.

DONATION REQUIRED: Rs 5000/- would help her to make ends meet and give her daughter treatment. From next month possibly she will get her housemaid jobs back.


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