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Maa Durga needs a hand during this puja season!


Maa Durga did get some helping hands over the festive season of lights. We were able to donate a bag of dry rations to 5 of the needy ladies who came directly to THE UNTOUCHABLES for dry rations.They are from the strata of society where they don’t make enough money for sustenance due to the COVID- and they prefer to starve rather than to beg.

This particular project is over : Funding Paid Out: Rs 2,500/-


[Bibi, a scout of TU have been approached by neighbours in need]

6 Women [some of whom are widows] who live near The Untouchables Office in Hebbal region of Bengaluru have been approaching us for some food support as the Pujas got closer. Of these some are those who have received rations from us on an earlier occasion, others are those in dire need who came to us for the first time. Each of them has a different story to tell- but it amounts to the same- they need some support. Bibi has accompanied them to their homes and found their needs to be genuine. TU would like to give Maa Durga an extra hand during this festive season- a hand to help others.

Donation Required: Rs 4,500/-


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