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Date :5/10/2021

Place :Nagpur, Maharashtra

Focus Group :Young teacher who wishes to take tuitions

No. of beneficaries : 1 young woman and her family

Amount Dispensed:Rs.6,300/-

Co-ordinator / Scout :Organisation: Stepping Stone Foundations : Scout: M. Gaur Jennifer was given a cycle so she could move around and take tuitions. She was earning on behalf of her family.


SCOUT:Stepping Stone Foundation : PLACE: Nagpur

Jennifer is a 29 year old who was working as a teacher in Junior KG with K.John Public School, in Nagpur. She completed her education from Providence Girls High School and did her Teachers Training Course [D.Ed] from same school. Her mother is working as a office assistant but her father passed away 18 years ago. Being the eldest she supports her younger sister and brother in their studies.

During Covid -19 she lost her job, and our NGO friends in Nagpur, Stepping Stone Foundation suggested she starts giving tuitions- they even arranged 6 students at a place 6 km away from her house. Unfortunately she has to walk there and back. If she will get bicycle it will great help her to reach the tuition on time and back to home safely. A quotation was enclosed for a Hero Miss India cycle:

Donation Required: Rs 6,300/-

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