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In Pursuit of Happiness

Update :

Basava's sister delivered twin baby girls pre-term and then fell into a coma. She needed a large amount of money [15 lacs] for her treatment, but Basava was willing to accept ‘any amount’. Our scout now informs us that she has been moved out of hospital to a rehab centre, where she is showing some signs of improvement with a long way to go. The twins [see the photo] are doing fine and they are in good health.

This particular project is over : Funding: Rs 15,000/-

Original Post :

[COLT COVID CHALLENGE Concern brought by our scout Rohin in Bangalore].

Why is life so unpredictable? Take the instance of Mr Basava from Bengaluru. When we all are waiting for the lockdown to be lifted and waiting for our lives to get back to normal, here is Basava combating every day for his beloved sister. To begin, Basava's sister was pregnant and delivered twin baby girls last week [see photo below]. Unfortunately, it was a pre-term delivery that accompanied serious problems. Post-delivery she got a brain stroke due to which the left side of her body is not functioning at all. Brain surgery was done few days ago - and she is now in the ICU and is unconscious.

It takes 40 weeks or so to grow a tiny egg into a human child. Just imagine the expectations and excitement the family had to welcome God’s Gift to this world. The happiest day of their life turned out to be the most dreadful one. We can see a photo of the adorable twin babies.

It will be of great relief to Basava and his family if any small sum is given for his sister’s treatment, and it will be thankfully valued. Let us hope that when she opens her eyes and the past is gone, the world will be a good place, and everything will be okay!

Donation Requirement: Hospital bills have gone Upto 15 lakhs which is beyond the insurance coverage. Expenses might go up to 5 lakhs further. The Family is going through a tough time. Any contribution - however small the amount – we will be grateful for. Please specify “FOR BASAVA’s SISTER” when you transfer the money to The Untouchables account.


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