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Our local scouts who took up this COLTS COVID CHALLENGE went to meet Fatima’s family after they received our fund. They have sent a letter written by Fatima Peter’s daughter, Nilima Naikar, informing us that they will be using the money for medicines and their electricity bill. TU is proud to be associated with this project.

This particular project is over : Rs 5,000/-


[Fatima’s Story is brought to us by Mr. Beryl Varghese from St George Orthodox Church, Kalyan East, as part of COLT’S COVID CHALLENGE in the Diocese of Mumbai]

Fatima Peter is residing at slum area at Dharavi 90 Feet Road. The family comprises of 7 members- 6 women/girls, including her mother, one son, and her grandchildren. Her elder daughter was working as housemaid but lost her job due to lockdown; her younger one was working at an envelope-making company, which closed permanently. Their brother works as a daily wage worker but due to lockdown there is no work, and there is absolutely no source of income in their family. Once fiercely independent, today they are forced to depend on the food supplied by others on daily basis and some ration donated by other people. You have heard of the famous slums of Dharavi in Mumbai- now you can actually help a family from there.

DONATION REQUIRED: Rs 5000/- would help this family to tide over the situation.


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