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Are they Children of a lesser God?

Houses still damaged in Kerala’s flood question the ‘God’s own country” concept


This particular project is over : Funding Received.

Upon hearing of the need for house repairs after flood damage by 3 ladies from Kerala, Neel Mathews, a scout of THE UNTOUCHABLES in Bengaluru, took the proposal to his parish church, St Mary’s Orthodox Church in Begur, Bengaluru.On 29th May, 2020, they issued a cheque for Rs 81,000/-, with a request that it was to be divided equally between the 3 donees. The Untouchables transferred the money immediately- since the monsoon was expected in Kerala shortly. All the 3 ladies wrote separate letters of thanks to the Untouchables and to the Church, since each family received Rs. 27,000/-.

Below is a photograph of Girija, Latha and Kamalabhai’s son, Sunil.


Commander E.J. Chacko, one of our scouts, has forwarded the needs of 3 families who were affected by the floods that ravaged the state of Kerala in 2018. These houses are in Mankotta Chira, in Haripad District. These people received some subsistence from the Government, but thereafter have had to fend for themselves. With the onset of the monsoon expected on June 1st, 2020, they are in dire need.

1. Kamala Bai is a widow and has had the roof blown off her house. The roof needs to be completely rebuilt.

2. Latha Ramanan is also a widow. Her house walls are cracked and her roof is damaged

3. S.Girija is married to Shivan who is a casual labourer. Her roof and walls require repair.

NEED: 3 families need repairs. The total requirement for each house is about Rs 25,000/-. Knowing that this amount would be exorbitant for most donors, they ask for any amount which they can use accordingly. TU has decided to divide whatever money we receive between these three equally.


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