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Dr. L. Ramakrishnan – better known as ‘Ramki’ - is a public health professional and Vice President of SAATHII, based in Chennai. He earned his doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin, USA, and has worked in health and human rights non-profit settings in USA and India. He is one of our windows to the LGBTQ community in India. He had recommended Mr. X who is a photographer based in Kolkata for some urgent financial support. Mr X is a trans-man [person who changed her biological sex at birth as a woman, to match her gender identity as a man] who has not yet ‘come out’, and in these COVID times is finding it hard to support his family with his profession. On June 20th we sent him Rs 5,000/- to tide over the crisis. On his request on 18th July we sent him another Rs 5,000/-.


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