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Through Manjula we met with most of the 11 families who are needy donees in her neighbourhood. Some are flower and fruit sellers, and some are housemaids - all are affected by Covid- not directly, but because as a result they have not enough work to keep their families intact. Hopefully Bangalore is opening up and their jobs will once again bear fruit.

This particular project was completed by 25 November, 2020: Funding Paid: Rs. 5,863/-

[Manjula is now our scout and she has found these vegetable and flower sellers who need help]

When Manjula scours the net for donors, it is not for her child alone. She also looks to help the poor women in her Vidyaranyapura area - mostly house maids, vegetable and flower sellers - whose husbands are unable to find steady jobs in these COVID times. Through this method on several occasions this intrepid young woman has found donors for the poor in her neighborhood. This is how she found The Untouchables. We visited her area and met several who are needy. We asked her to make a list of those who were well below the poverty line and she has suggested 10 families. TU would like to distribute dry rations for these women [and their families].

Donation required: 10 needy families @ Rs 500/- = Rs 5,000/-


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