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Donation Jar

Financial Donations

A donation can be of a minimum of Rs.500/- and above. It can be in cash / cheque / bank transfer or even card payment by swiping machine,if you are in Bengaluru. We will ensure it is according to the RBI rules prevailing. 

Your Donation can be towards our Charitable Causes or towards our Administrative Expenses [keeping in mind our desire not to take a single paisa towards our Administrative expenses from Donations specifically towards Charity].

TU's Charitable Causes

Donations towards TU’S CHARITABLE CAUSES, which will reach the needy person/institution.

Here you have 2 choices:


  1. A General Donation – where you support our work by donating without specifying any particular charity. We inform you within a specific time frame – usually 2 weeks - exactly where and how we used your money.

  2. Donation towards Specific Charities – You may go into "More", where you see our “Specific Charitable Needs” and choose from among them. Here you also have a choice of paying the full amount or a part of the amount that is shown.

TU's Administrative Needs

Donations towards TU’S ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES, which will allow The Untouchables to achieve our aim –i.e. ensuring that the full amount of donated money will reach its destination, without any portion or percentage being cut as “Administrative Expenses”.

Here you have 3 choices:

  1. Donations towards our “List of Specific Monthly Administrative Needs”, which are recurring every month. You can choose which of these monthly expenses you wish to contribute to


  2. Donation towards  “Administrative Expenses in  General"- where you choose to donate to our  Administrative Needs in General, and allow us to decide where it is most useful. We inform you within a specific time frame – usually 2 months - exactly where and how we used your money

How to Transfer

Transaction Details
Choose Donation Type

Thanks for submitting!

Money Transfer/ Cheques can be made to:

Name of the Account: The Untouchables

Bank Name : Axis Bank

Branch: Kempapura, Bengaluru,Karnataka

Account No : 919020076292263

IFS Code : UTIB0003310

Donors please Note:

1.NO TAX EXEMPTION AS YET: As these are our initial stages, we regret that we do not yet have the 80G certificate (and hence cannot offer you exemption from taxes). We are working on it !

2. NO FOREIGN DONATIONS AS YET:  We are unable to directly receive any funds from abroad as we are yet to obtain our FCRA license, which is only given after 3 years of activity

3.INDIANS LIVING ABROAD CAN DONATE:  If  you are an Indian Passport holder and/or have an NRO or NRE Bank Account here in India, you can donate from that.

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