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‘The Untouchables’ is a Public Charitable Trust, that intends to act as a pipeline connecting the  ‘haves’ in  society, [through their gifts and structured, track-able funds], to  genuine ‘have-nots’  [viz., the  lesser-privileged, the marginalized, those without hope], so that in this win–win process, individuals and groups on one side,  can enhance the  quality of life, the well-being and the happiness quotient of those on  the other


Welcome to ‘The Untouchables’ - A Secular, Hallmark Organisation -  which is adept at Locating and Authenticating the Genuine Needs of the ‘poorest of the poor’ all over the country. A Trust that is open to people of all religions and faiths, regardless of culture, language,  and sex, which  assists donors - who might wish to give money as a one-time or monthly donations as charity -  to find genuinely needy individuals or institutional recipients, and help them, without taking any percentage as an ‘administrative charge’.


In India, the term, “untouchables”  has a varna or caste connotation. However taking this name for our Charitable Trust has less to do with caste than with an inspiring and true story: It describes a group of incorruptible law-enforcement agents who were tasked with destroying the illegal activities of a Prohibition-era gangster in the Chicago region of the USA in the 1930’s called Al Capone, who ran a crime syndicate which had the Law and the Police in his pocket. Failed attempts to bribe or intimidate this team [who finally put Capone behind bars] inspired the media to refer to them as ‘THE UNTOUCHABLES’. It is this spirit of incorruptibility that we wish to highlight and imitate through the activities of the Trust.

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