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Women Entrepreneurs of the street

Date :02/08/2021

Place :Nalgonda, Telangana and LB Nagar, Hyderabad

Focus Group :2 Streetside Women Entrepreneurs in Telengana

No. of beneficaries : 2 families

Amount Dispensed:Rs 8000/- each [Total Rs 16,000/-]

Co-ordinator / Scout :Organisation: DWISS : Scout : Jenastus

Nagilla is a widow, and Kalakuntla is another widow whose husband died recently after prolonged illness which took away their savings. These 2 gutsy women desired to take out a handcart and sell items out in the streets. These are the unknown heroines that the Page 3 Women Entreprenuers would never come to meet or know. TU decided to help them out. .

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