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Support for Eeramma and Lokesh

Update :

Like any couple, Eeramma and Lokesh have had their differences, which often erupt. However they are both agreed that they need a seperate hut to live as a family after theirs was destroyed in the rains.. A young lady who saw our video was immediate in her response to help this couple rebuild their home.

Our Volunteer’s Maria and Hanok are in the process of organising the material for the new hut.

This particular project is over : Funding: Rs 8,000/-

Original Post :

Introducing Eeramma and Lokesh. Eeramma was diagnosed with polio at birth and Lokesh, a treecutter, met with a bad accident while working and is currently under medication. Their house in the slum was broken down in the heavy rains and is now just an empty space.

Requirement - Rs. 7000

Rs. 5000 for tarpaulin and Rs. 2000 for the wooden structure.

Please watch the video for more details.


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