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Our Scout Chandy found that 5 families [Parents of Child Cancer patients at Kidwai] were forced to leave the Dharamshala of the Hospital and were without shelter. We were able to provide rent for some rooms for them in Royal Guest House in Siddapura for almost 3 weeks. They are now asked to arrange their own funds for accommodation- TU can try to assist them to get the requisite medicines.

This particular project is over : Funding [For Room Rent- 3 Rooms] : Rs 14,000/-


We have a scout in Kidwai Cancer Hospital in Bengaluru called Chandy. He is the one who found 13-year old Piary who was featured under ‘Piary’s Story’ in our earlier Needs Section. There are many children like Piary in Kidwai. Sadly, due to Governmental pressure, all hospitals in Bengaluru were asked to offer xx number of beds for COVID patients- hence parents of all non-essential cases were asked to pack up and leave overnight from the subsidised accommodation. According to Chandy, Piary and her father seem to have gone back home to West Bengal as efforts to get through to him have not been successful. We had to close Piary's project for the moment. Meanwhile, five families, also from West Bengal, who have had to leave the subsidised Dharamshala, have sought urgent help to stay on so their cancer-affected children could continue to receive medical assistance. Our scout has found them accommodation [adults and children: 11 total] in 2 rooms in a Lodge,

Donation Requirement:

Need: 2 rooms which cost Rs 500/- per room per day = Rs 1000/- per day for 2 rooms.

= One week requirement: Rs 7,000/-/ Two weeks requirement : Rs 14,000/-


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