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‘Angels on Earth’


This particular project is over : Funding Received.

The Untouchables in collaboration with Divine Word Social Service Society of Hyderabad provided provision for 50+ Migrant workers on June 4th 2020 in SVD Compound. Here is an excerpt from Sister Jenasus email: As we had planned to give 45 families- but when we did the house visit and took survey we found 50 families. 15 families from HPS and others from the Ramanthapur area. They would like to express their genuine gratitude from the bottom of our hearts for extending your generosity towards them, for assisting us financially towards the grocery items. With your ( The Untouchables) financial assistance of Rs.28,125/-and Rs. 34,375/- from Divine Word Social Service Society, total Rs. 62,500/- we were able to reach out Migrant Workers of Bihar, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. We are greatly in debt to you for responding us very promptly and financially supporting us in our dire and crucial situation of Covid19. Thank you for your help and your kindness will forever be remembered and treasured in our hearts.


Our Hyderabad scout is a nun who works among the downtrodden

Sr Jenastus, NJV, is a nun who scouts for us, and who is connected to both the Institutions - Montfort and SVD Fathers. She is the State Coordinator for Domestic Workers Society and has asked if we can join with SVD [Divine Word Social Service Society] of Hyderabad to help some 45 migrant families living in the Ramananthpur area who are without work and money.

Needs: 7-14 days budget for each family is Rs 1250/- per person. TU can pay 50% which is Rs 625/-, and the SVD can pay the balance. Total to be paid: Rs 28,125/-

There's good news – TU’s work among migrants has found many soft hearts from all over India willing to help- we found donors for the Nagpur migrant group and our partner organisation, Stepping Stone Foundation have completed their distribution.Sr Jenastus, NJV, is a nun who scouts for us, and who is connected to both the Institutions- Montfort and SVD. She has asked if we can join with SVD to help some 45 migrant families in Hyderabad in the Ramananthpur area.

The Government of India has announced the lockdown which paralyzed the normal work and many poor people have been greatly affected by this Corona Virus, including the 45 families of labourers. We have given them awareness on Corona Virus and the necessary precaution they have to take in order to take care of themselves. On April 10th the School authorities distributed 50kg Rava and 50kg Atta overall, and later the MLA distributed 5kg rice and 500gm dal to each family in April -that’s all.” It is TU’s intention to support these migrant workers while partnering with the Divine Word Social Service Society [DWSSS] of Hyderabad.

Organisors: The Untouchables: directly.

For more details on this project write to us at :

Money Transfer/ Cheques can be made to

​Name of the Account: The Untouchables

Bank Name : Axis Bank

Branch: Kempapura, Bengaluru,Karnataka

Current Account No : 919020076292263

IFS Code : UTIB0003310


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