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Champavathy was 8 months pregnant when her case was referred to us. Her husband was a migrant plumber without a job at the crucial juncture when his wife was going to deliver and he needed money for hospital bills. She was tested Covid Positive but not her family. Our scout Abbu brought us her plight and we sent her some money to tide over the crisis. Today she is a happy mother, and hopes that her husband will get jobs, thus bringing their lives once again on par.

This particular project is over : Funding for home and hospital bills: Rs 5,000/-


This is the story of Champavathy who lives in Bengaluru. It could be the story of so many others- ordinary people who have been hit by COVID - both financially and as a disease. Her husband Swaroop is a plumber who has been struggling to meet his daily needs, and feed his 6 member-family ever since COVID hit. Champavathy is 8 months pregnant, with some added health complications -and then she tested Covid positive. The good news is that she is asymptomatic and the rest of her family has tested negative. She is still in hospital.

DONATION REQUIRED: Rs 5,000/- to support her hospital bills and support her to-be-born baby

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