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To achieve our objectives, and as an experiment,we are offering those who desire, Membership to “THE UNTOUCHABLES”, much like a Club, to the following positions:
1. As a  Scout
2. As a CAT - part of the Core Authentication Team [only open to those who have been Scouts for a period of at least 6 months]
3. As a Benefactor or Donor
4. As a Well-Wisher

Note: This is totally voluntary and one can be an integral part of The Untouchables without taking membership. However if you wish to become a Member, kindly note  the following:

  • Applying for Membership: This system of membership ensures that ANYONE who so desires can be a Member of this Organisation by making a request by clicking on the button below.

  •  Advantages of Membership: We expect to give certificates for work done for us; offer badges and Id tags; send you our periodic newsletters highlighting our work every 2 months. 

  • Sense of Ownership: At this initial period, we feel that your being a Member would give a sense of ownership and a bonding with the work we are doing. At a later stage, if possible or useful we will allow Members to accompany our teams into the field as Volunteers.

  • Your area of interest/skills: Kindly give us an idea of your area of interest so we can approach you for specific requirements  or assistance when the need arises.

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