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COLT's COVID CHALLENGE for MGOCSM and YM units Outside Kerala
[Delhi and Ahmedabad Diocese only]

Some of you are busy with online classes, others are working from home, cursing the restrictions the pandemic has brought on your previously 'normal' life. Some of you are living in fear of COVID and its effects. When this over, do you really  think you can go back to your old life and lifestyle? Wouldn't that be foolish, wishful thinking? Among the lessons the pandemic has brought into our lives should be that Humankind as a species has to work together if we are to get past this mess. I'm asking you to start this task in partnership with The Untouchables [TU]. You can do this alone, with others of your unit, or even with non-Christian friends - it is not a competition, it is a dare. I pray the spirit behind the motto of MGOCSM and YM -”Worship-Study-Service” -  can be made complete through this partnership by encouraging you to get involved, come out of your comfort zones,  get your hands dirty and your hearts full as you follow Christ’s directive [Mt.25:40}: “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” 


"The Untouchables" is a not-for-profit organisation based in Bengaluru and started by Fr Philip Kuruvilla. It  works on the simple principle that there are those in need and those people who can help them fulfil those needs.  TU intends to connect the two. And we want you to help as a “Scout”

Our Mission: We intend to act as a pipeline connecting the ‘haves’ in society to the genuine ‘have-nots’. In this win–win process, we believe individuals and groups on one side can enhance the quality of life, the well-being and the happiness quotient of those on the other. 


THE CHALLENGE:We are challenging you to find people whose lives can be transformed by as small an amount as Rs 5,000/-,  which we will provide.  

Step 1: Your job would be to find a person or group or family who is in dire straits and needs help.

[Remember we are talking about the ‘poorest of the poor’. eg., the maid in your house will not be eligible since she has a steady income.]


Step 2: Send an Application by email addressed to with the following details:


[a] Your Name

[b] Name of your church and your city

[c] Name of the individual/group you wish to help.

[d] Send one or two photographs to support your request.

[e] Briefly describe:

  [1]Their current situation

  [2] How you think their lives will change with this donation. 

Step 3: Our CAT- Core Authenticating Team - will select the FIVE most relevant and needy among all the applications sent, in the first round. If there are more genuine requests, we hope to send to the next best in the next round. So do your job as scouts and send your applications within the scheduled time.

STEP 4: If selected, after intimating you we will then send Rs 5000/- to fulfull their needs. You have to ensure its correct, proper and honest utilisation. 

Step 5: If selected, we request a Report at the end. Two paragraphs only, and if possible 1-2 photographs to explain how this money was utilised.


Last Date for Applications to reach us: 15th September, 2020


If you wish to know more about us, do explore the website. And if you wish to donate any money to The Untouchables, we'll gladly welcome it.

God bless you. 

Fr Philip Kuruvilla

29th August, 2020

For any clarifications or doubts, feel free to call me: +91-9823152313.  

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