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Connecting the haves to the have-nots

Come, help us connect the dots.

Our Mission

We intend to act as a pipeline connecting the ‘haves’ in society to the genuine ‘have-nots’.

In this win–win process, individuals and groups on one side, can enhance the quality of life, the well-being and the happiness quotient of those on the other.


About Us

The Untouchables is a Registered Charitable Trust. We are a Team made up of individuals who deeply care about the prevalent social imbalance and injustice in our society, and for those who can be described as the "poorest of the poor."

We believe there are many others equally concerned, but they don't know where or how to contribute back to society. We intend to be a bridge between such like-minded folks and the poorest of the poor.

To make this work we look forward to having Volunteers from all over India to assist us- mainly as "Scouts".


What do we do?

Our team comprises of Scouts and Authenticators.

Our Scouts locate and gather information about the needy. The information is then validated by our Core Authentication Team [CAT]. After such verification, donors are connected to those with genuine needs, the beneficiaries. 

In few cases, the Donor pays directly to the needy cause,  in other cases, the Donor channels the funds through TU's Bank

TU Scouts

TU Authenticators

Poorest of the Poor


Get Involved

Help us in our mission.

Become a Scout, Authenticator, Donor or a Well wisher. 

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