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Tanisha is certainly lucky because we found a donor who wished to donate a sum every month in memory of his beloved father, and he agreed to fund Tanisha’s monthly hospital visits and other additional expenses. Tanisha started going to the 2 hospitals she used to visit for eye and movement and neural therapy- which her mother had discontinued due to poor finances.

Covid and lockdown definitely affected her treatments but in the gaps she visited the hospitals and doctors. Mother Manjula was encouraged to go to specialists in a different/better hospital. Between March and May 2021 she was fitted with special glasses, got calipered braces for her right foot which has given her renewed strength. Mother and child need to spend money on autorickshaws to go to attend therapy sessions and this adds to the cost. TU will be monitoring her expenses and looking at her accounts from time to time. We have discussed with the donor that if, due to Covid she cannot get adequate treatment and cannot use the monthly amount she is currently getting- after June-July we may discontinue with Tanisha and find a more suitable/needy recipient for monthly donations.

We also are assisting her to get her due rights -alimony- from her husband who seems to have abandoned her after her baby with special needs was born.

This particular project was begun on November 25, BUT IT IS NOT OVER - it is a monthly need and we already have a donor for this supporting this program every month. If you wish to be a regular monthly donor and/or wish to do this in memory of a loved one, please contact us. We will be glad to inform you about the monthly needs of some people.

Funding Received : Rs 5,000/-, per month. Tanisha Project continued till June 2021. Now we are revising her need and utilization of the funds.


Manjula is a graduate and a teacher from a very mediocre background, who speaks good English. She has faced many issues and has several handicaps in her life. Married to a man who has a severe visual impediment 4 years ago, he deserted her at the birth of their only daughter, Tanisha, because she was born with neuro-disability. Tanisha, now age 3, has bouts of epilepsy and needs weekly therapies in sight and speech. Manjula is unable to take up a job because of the child’s needs. Instead, she scours the internet to find donors. Her initiative paid off- she found The Untouchables on the net. We have suggested a lawyer to help her get maintenance from her husband who has a bank job. We would like to assist her child in her medical and neuro-issues, however this depends on regular funding coming in every month- TU does not usually obtain such donors- perhaps Tanisha will be our lucky first?