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Sabira IPS ? Scaling heights, one step at a time

Update :

When a couple from the Gulf heard of 15-year old Sabira’s desire to become an IPS officer, they were quick to respond. They asked for Sabira’s school report to see her grades [very good] and then sent money so she could pay her annual fees and start online classes, thus giving wings to Sabira’s dream, and taking a load off her father’s back.

This particular project is over : Funding : Rs. 20,000/-

Original Post :

[Sabira’s story has been brought to us by our scout in Begur, Bengaluru, Mr. Neel Mathews, and his daughter Merin].

Sabira, 15, is the daughter of Mohammed Riyaz, a tyre puncture shop mechanic, who was recently diagnosed with mouth cancer, and is undergoing treatment. Sabira’s mother Shataj had a stroke after the birth of her second child, Rehan, and as a result she became mute and also developed heart issues. Sabira’s younger brother, Rehan [7], had kidney and bladder disorders from birth, causing him to have urinary problems. Their story was highlighted on The Untouchables website under the banner ‘A Family with Bad Luck’. The Untouchables and other kind donors have given them the necessary support to go on, but the medical and other expenses keep mounting.

It is young Sabira we wish to highlight this time. Sabira’s education is in jeopardy. She cheerfully takes up the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother, despite schoolwork and chores she does at home. Despite hardships, and in spite of having every reason to settle for a smaller dream, Sabira aspires to become a Police officer after completing the IPS examination. She wants to fight against corruption and evil - she has kept this dream close to her heart from the age of 10 - and talks about her dreams with inspiring determination. She has set an initial goal as getting a good percentage in her 10th board exams. She believes that there is no short-cut to success, and is ready to take one step at a time. Will you help her?

Donation Requirement: Rs 25,000/- for her annual school fees.

PLEASE SPECIFY ‘ FOR SABIRA’ when you transfer the money to The Untouchables’ account – or you may send us a “general charitable donation” and we will do the necessary.


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