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The various States in India are going through the wave and troughs brought about by a continuing Covid. The resultant lockdowns have thrown normal life out of gear. Whereas the middle class have some sort of ‘buffer’ which allows them to exist, the poor and marginalised are unable to plan their next meal. Although the lockdowns are being lifted, it will take some time for them to start earning. The Untouchables has decided to step in and help those who are caught in this twilight zone. We have been focussing on certain slum dwelling communities in pockets of Bangalore over the last year and these are the same groups that came back to us for Dry Rations in times of need.

The following are 3 needy areas in Bangalore :

  1. Kashi Nagar Part A: Scout -Guruswamy: Approx 25 families: Rs. 16,250/-

  2. Kashi Nagar Part B: Scout -Suneeta Approx 25 families: Rs. 16,250/-

  3. Banshankari : Scout -Sathya Approx 25 families: Rs. 16,250/-

Donation Required: 25 families at Rs 650/- each=Rs 16,500/- for each area.

[Each of them have approx 25 families:Dry Rations @Rs 650/-. Each area Rs. 16,250/-]