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We contacted the people in charge of Mothers Meal. They operate like this: ‘As we address the issue of hunger, the family will be able to focus on other areas like education of the children, livelihood options, career and job. Once the basic need for looking after food is providing through Mother’s Meal the family will automatically look for other areas for their growth’. We have sent them support for one family for almost a year.

This particular project is over for the moment: Rs 5,000/-


[The story of Mother’s Meal  is brought to us by our scout Edwina from Bengaluru]

Fr George Kannanthanam and the Mother’s Meal Team  - which is part of the Hope Anti- Addiction Action Group -  invites YOUR FAMILY to give FREEDOM FROM HUNGER for ONE MORE FAMILY for a year. 

They have done it recently  through MOTHER’S MEAL to 1000 families across every State of India in 55 locations- inaugurated by Justice Kurian Joseph and MP KJ Alphonse at Delhi.

Please join the FAMILY TO FAMILY SUPPORT movement by helping another family to survive with 500 rupees worth Survival Kit every month for next one year. The Untouchables intends to assist this venture 

DONATION REQUIRED: Rs 6000/- would help to keep one family going for a year. 

We intend to give one family at Rs 500/- per month  for 12 months =Rs 6,000/-. Will you join? Please specify if you wish your donation to go to ‘Mothers Meal’. 


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