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Md Shafi had a bill of over 1 lac and he had no way to pay it. Asif is a scout who helps people in his spare time and has worked for TU as an honorary scout. He located Shafi and brought the information to TU- who sent him some money. He has been discharged from hospital. It came as a boon at the time of Moharrum for this family, all directly touched by COVID.

This particular project is over : Funding towards Shafi’s Hospital Bills : Rs 5,000/-


Asif is one of our Scouts. He has been helping people long before we met him, offering his help to the NGO Hunger Warriors while serving 3000+ migrants a day with food. He has helped us find insignificant people who need help- people no one would have seen or known. Asif tells of his cousin who has a serious problem: Shafi [age 41] has 5 children and is the sole breadwinner. He has been admitted in the subsided ward of Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bommasandra, Bengaluru, with breathing diffficulty, and subsequently he has tested COVID+, and is undergoing treatment. They are expecting complications and fear the bill will be more than they can bear.No one has come forward to help Asif or his cousin, and that is his lament: “I have helped so may people till today, so many NGO’s, but in my time of trouble not a single one came forward to help me’. The Untouchables has decided to step in with a small donation.

Donation Requirement: Rs 5,000/- to help him pay his hospital bills


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